Shopping Guide

             A vast majority of customers prefer to shop for gifts online. They’re just extremely picky about where they shop. This guide will help you develop your online store into a gift-shopping powerhouse. The proportion of shopping done online grows every year, especially during traditionally-busy seasons like the holidays.

In occasionally bring to mind fantastic sales, but also huge, overwhelming crowds that most shoppers would prefer to avoid. Similar situations occur at other times of the year too; although usually on a smaller scale, every time a gift-giving holiday rolls around you’ll see sales everywhere Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthday, friendship day and many more. Shopping online offers the best of both worlds: deep discounts and no crowds! There’s still a certain level of anxiety, however, when it comes to shopping online for gifts. Usually when shopping for a gift, customers are more cautious than when they shop for themselves.

Gift shoppers are handing over much of the responsibility of their gift giving to an e-commerce store. When shopping in person, the customer can hold the item in their hand and examine it personally. Online, they don’t have that luxury. Take the list of common fears above and add to it the concerns that the e-Commerce store will:

-Ship the item too late to arrive on time

-Leave pricing information inside the packaging

-Pack and ship the wrong item

-Ship an item with flaws that would have led the customer to put it back on the shelf

-Not provide an easy way for the recipient to return or exchange the item if needed

-Fail to gift wrap the item appropriately

-Spoil the surprise for the recipient (by emailing them instead of the purchaser)